Genesis ATS offers an end-to-end custom solution that addresses every mobility need, from device life cycle management to custom app development to security. Our deep experience in software applications, device logistics, information security management and cloud computing allows us to focus on your mobility challenges -- so you can focus on your industry.













A large retail chain providing home improvement products and services needed to migrate 3,500 managers across its locations in the United States and Mexico from Blackberry devices to the iPhone while supporting a high rate of ongoing manager turnover. Challenges included the need for a speedy transition, users across many locations, and a large number of users and devices. 2,500 users were migrated in-person across 3 days during a national meeting; another 1,000 users received the new devices by direct ship. The comprehensive Mobility solution included device procurement, activation, mobility device management, ongoing support, collection of old devices, and ongoing management for turnover of ~100 store managers each month.


An enterprise electronics company decided to migrate its sales force of 1,500 users onto new devices with a deadline of just 3 weeks. The Mobility solution was proposed, sold, prepared, and delivered all within the 3-week timeframe.

With cellular technology’s advances in stability and coverage, a nationwide restaurant chain decided to migrate from its wired infrastructure to a cellular solution for its 1,500 locations’ point-of-sale systems. The migration was coordinated across all locations by creating a blueprint and scheduling a technician to install a router in each restaurant facility. Ongoing Day 2 support was also provided, including help desk, replacement, break/fix, warranty, and support of new stores and new users.


A nationwide pharmacy and retail chain needed a backup solution to serve as failover for its existing wired infrastructure. Driven by cost and reliability, a cellular solution was proposed with a pay-as-you-go data plan to be charged only when needed. This solution was rolled out across all U.S. locations.

A leading medical device company was seeking a single partner to become its supply chain and distribution channel for several products within its neuromodulation division. Genesis was selected to provide ongoing device and component procurement, configuration, lock down, HIPAA compliance, kitting, branding, distribution and full forward and reverse logistics services for 90,000 devices per year, reaching 50 countries and serviced through global regional hubs.


A major U.S.-based airline needed to migrate its mobile point-of-sale system to a Nokia phone from an older device in use by 22,000 flight attendants. The major challenge was to distribute devices to a workforce (flight attendants) that was always on the move. The rollout was completed over a couple of months with ongoing Day 2 support and replacement. An issue arose where there was a large number of end-user calls coming into the help desk as users frequently forgot passwords to the application and would get locked out. A solution was devised to expedite and simplify the password reset process, resulting in an immediate reduction of help desk calls.

A government-subsidized postal service decided to begin tracking package delivery, requiring 223,000 devices to be rolled out over a 6-month period in depots across the United States. As a cost-saving measure, a machine-to-machine solution was created utilizing an inexpensive flip phone paired to a Bluetooth scanner (rather than, for example, a more costly iPhone).

A major U.S.-based airline sought to implement new devices for its mobile point-of-sale system used by flight attendants in its Mexico operations. A solution was devised to procure, configure, activate, and distribute iPads for more than 170 employees, as well as ongoing advanced exchange support for replacement, new employees and employee turnover.


An independent oil and natural gas company was seeking to reduce its operating expenses after a dramatic fall in the price of oil. A solution was proposed to outsource the company’s management of its enterprise mobility program serving ~300 across multiple locations. Genesis ATS provided device procurement, configuration, provisioning, remote administration, and tier 1-3 help desk for end users, resulting in immediate and ongoing operational cost savings to the client.



An HVAC repair company with multiple locations wanted to create a mobile application that would allow its 1,500 technicians in the field to create formal estimates for customers onsite in the United States and Canada. A mobile application was developed to meet the initial needs in phase 1. A phase 2 iteration expanded on the application to allow technicians to upsell additional products and services and added a credit card reader, resulting in a 35% increase in sales and a reduction of account aging from 45 days to 3. The solution further expanded to include custom ruggedized devices and printers. The client was enabled to achieve a consistency across its workforce, reduced training and ramp-up time for new employees, and secure payments by credit card in addition to increased sales and a reduction in account aging. These achievements facilitated further expansion of the business model into a larger brand through consistency and professionalism.


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